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Who We Are At South Peoria


The priorities of South Peoria are the same as God’s priorities: worship, grow, give, and serve. These are the priorities of all who follow Jesus. We desire for everyone who calls South Peoria home to worship together weekly, to grow together around God’s Word, to give out of the overflow of God’s blessing, and to serve God and others. We believe God’s plan is for His people to reach the world with the hope of the Gospel. All of this is defined in our mission statement:

"Real people that live to lead others to find life in Christ."



It is a priority to come together weekly to worship Jesus together as the church. The church is deeply connected to one another and our spiritual development is critically tied to worshipping God together as we learn from the Bible.


The Bible teaches the importance of being a part of a faith community. Being a part of a Life Group gives us the ability to grow healthy relationships with God and others around His Word.


We give because we serve a "give first" God who generously blesses us with love, salvation, grace, and mercy. His Word teaches us to give a tithe (10%), and in giving a tithe He grows our faith and trust as He continues to provide all of our needs.


Jesus taught us to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We serve God to bring Him glory, and we serve others to help them find life in Christ.

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