We believe that God desires for the church to obey the Great Commission. We serve God by serving others and sharing the Gospel with them!

We believe that worshiping together as the church is instrumental in maturing in Christ. The Church is deeply connected to one another and our spiritual development is critically tied to worshiping God together!

We believe it is important to grow together in authentic relationships and community built on God's Word. We achieve this growth by being a part of a small group to study God's Word together and invest in godly relationships!

At South Peoria Baptist Church, we believe that everyone should continue to Worship, Grow, Give, and Serve in their walk with God. Here's how:


We believe that God desires for believers to show their faith in Him by tithing 10%. Tithing teaches us to depend on God, and empowers us to achieve the mission that God has given us as the church!


Our Values...