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10/2 - Rich Towards God

Pastor Jeremiah Hayes

Thank You, Pastor and Ana

Check how Pastor James Hayes and his Wife, Ana have impacted just a few of the numerous people they have met at SPBC! 

As we Grow and Give, God gives us a passion to join Him where He is working. There are many areas of ministry that we have an opportunity to serve out of the overflow of what God is doing in our hearts. 

We want to honor God through obedience in tithing. When we are obedient in tithing, our  dependence on God grows and we get to experience Him more. 

God wants each of us to grow in a personal relationship with Him, the Church, and the Word. We believe this happens by attending Worship and Bible study each week.  

South Peoria cares about families and the impact entertainment has on those we love. Here we have links to resources that help protect our families in what we watch and/or are exposed to.

Family Resources

Discover who Rich really is and be sure to join us every Sunday morning as we go through the "Being Rich" Series!

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Contemporary------------10:30 to 11:30

What we Believe

South Peoria has many ministries that help us reach the world for Christ. Check them out to see where you can get involved. 

Mike Daugherty Testimony

Watch and see how faithful and trusting God can be.